Chapter 2 The hunt to create new spaces for art glass Lake Geneva wi glass studio

The hunt to create new spaces for art glass
Chapter II

This is another way that stained and leaded, etched and beveled art glass are frequently used. In the wall or on the wall light boxes are great ways of having illuminated decorative glass where it was not practical or possible before. You can make light boxes in the wall so that the stained art glass or etched mirror panels are flush mounted on the wall like a picture or a mirror would be.




Surface wall mounted light boxes also have a new more practical application, due to the fact that they can be made much thinner than ever before using an L.E.D. light source. L.E.D. lights take up much less space than florescent lights and last much longer with lower energy cost.


If you have an interest in having a restoration or recreation of your own stained glass masterpiece done or would like your own custom piece made, please contact us, we would be honored to have the opportunity to assist in your custom stained glass needs.

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