Recent Project by Gilbertson’s Stained Glass Studio of Lake Geneva, WI

Restoration of a John Lafarge by Gilbertson's Stain Glass Studio of Lake Geneva, WIShown here is a restoration and recreation of a John Lafarge stain glass window. The bottom section, dating from the 1880s, was poorly restored in recent years. We, Gilbertson’s Stained Glass Studio of Lake Geneva, WI,  were commissioned to not only restore the bottom section, but to recreate the top section as it would have appeared in its original state. Because, there are no existing pictures of the original panel, a great deal of labor and research was necessary to illustrate how a window of this elaborate Victorian style would have appeared. This process included meticulous hand selection of each piece of glass, as well as the use of the same styles and techniques John Larfarge was known for during that period, all of which truly make this window a masterpiece.  This is to be displayed in a private museum that is under development in Evanston, IL.

If you have an interest in having a restoration or recreation of your own stained glass masterpiece done, please contact us, we would be honored to have the opportunity to assist in your custom stained glass needs.

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